Facebook Bans Satirical News Site From Sharing Stories After Telling It To Share More Stories

The Editor of a local satirical news site is a bit confused tonight after Facebook arbitrarily decided to ban him from sharing stories in groups only a few days after telling him a good way to grow the audience is to share stories in groups. 

Bryan Firebrand, the Editor of The Waterton Chronicle, told The Waterton Chronicle he had a conversation with Facebook last week about how best to get more people reading the stories, and was told to try sharing stories in “a few relevant groups”. 

“So I did that. And within seconds I got a notification from Facebook saying I had been a bit naughty and couldn’t share or post in any more groups until Monday” he explained.. 

Firebrand headed straight for the Facebook support chat, and was told that despite being told by Facebook to share to more groups, they wouldn’t be removing the ban for sharing to more groups. 

“Sorry not sorry, LOL” said Facebook, when this reporter sought comment. 

“Oh well. I guess I’ll spend the weekend laughing at all the people who think some random Nigerian is really going to send them $50,000 if they comment ‘INFO’” explained Firebrand. 

“What we’re really hoping for in this difficult time is that our current audience maybe shares a few of our stories themselves to help us out.” added the frustrated Editor.