Aussies Go To Plan B As Kiwis Coping Just Fine In Perth Heat

It appears the Aussie’s plan to rely on the sun to give them a leg up against the Kiwis in Perth might not be working that well, with the Kiwis all still standing, and Australia plodding along at 2/143. 

Earlier this week the Australian outfit revealed a cunning plan to kind of just stand around and watch the world go by for the first few days of the Perth test match, in the hope that the Kiwis would one-by-one drop in the 40 degree heat. 

Steve Smith appears to have stuck to that plan so far, managing to hit just 19 off 87 balls at time of press, with not much sign of actually hitting anything half-decent. 

With  the Kiwis all still standing as the sun goes down, the Aussies have decided to take the more traditional approach of trying to hit the ball rather than waiting for the opposition to give up. 

More to come.