Triple 8 To “Try A Different Approach” From 2022

Following the revelation that everyone except Holden seemed to have figured out a while ago – that no one wants an All Wheel Drive Turbo Opel masquerading as an Aussie V8 – Triple 8 has today announced that they have opted to “try something a little different” from 2022, with the introduction of what they’re calling a “revolutionary concept”, the Reliant Robin Supercar. 

Team Principal Roland Dane announced today that the team is already in the early design stages with the Reliant Robin, while at the same time lobbying CAMS and Supercars to make sure other teams also have to run three-wheelers to “maintain parity” in the series. 

“Yeah, it’s coming along nicely. We’ve got some work to do on the whole cornering thing because it tends to want to roll over at the slightest hint of a left or right turn, but we’re working on some options around that” Dane explained. 

“We’ve brought Jason Bright in as a consultant to help with that, and his wealth of experience in rollovers is proving really valuable so far” he added. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that if Triple 8 can’t sort out the rollover issue they’ll just make every other team carry enough ballast in the roof to even up the centre of gravity situation. 

This reporter sought comment from Paulie the Parity Pelican on the matter, but he was apparently too busy trawling through Scott McLaughlin’s social media posts of his trip to the USA, looking for things to penalise him for ahead of Adelaide in only two months time.