Is Max Verstappen Really Even That Good?

With the Formula One season done and dusted for another year, our expert analyst David Koken has taken a look back at young Max Verstappen’s career so far, in an effort to work out if he’s even that good, and the results aren’t flattering really. 

In positive news, at least this year he managed to avoid sparking a massive post-race punch-up. Clearly Max has matured. It remains to be seen whether Esteban Ocon will go for round two in 2020. 

Max also finished the season in a pretty good 3rd place, albeit so far behind Mercedes that he probably could have returned to his early F1 career strategy of punting everyone off and it still wouldn’t have made a difference to the results. 

When this reporter was ambushed by Nico Rosberg, apparently desperate to have his say, the only-just World Champion said Max needs to “step it up yeah”. 

“If he wants to beat Lewis, he needs to go faster yeah” said Nico, in yet another insightful comment.