NZ Cricket Team Not Sure What The Problem Is With MCG Pitch

As Melbourne Cricket Club officials scramble to sort out the MCG pitch in time for the Boxing Day test, the Kiwis are a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about. 

It seems the Aussies have forgotten that the Black Caps play a lot of matches in New Zealand, on pitches barely suitable for grazing livestock, nevermind test match cricket. 

NZ Captain Kane Williamson said the squad was “a bit confused eh” when asked for his thoughts on the state of panic engulfing Cricket Australia over the MCG pitch. 

“I mean a few weeks ago when we played England at Bay Oval we had some random flock of sheep wandering around for the first two days.” he explained. 

“They weren’t really bothering anyone, and to be honest whenever they moved in off the boundary it made life difficult for the Poms so we kinda just ran with it.”. 

He went on to explain that the flock was only removed after it appeared some of the locals in the crowd thought they were some sort of cheer squad and got “a bit excited” by their presence.