Satirical News Site Mocks Reader Who Says It’s “Fake News”

A news site that is clearly satire has today published a story mocking a reader who recently labelled one of it’s stories as “fake news”. 

The story, which was about an imaginary person with a generic name loosely based on that guy we all know who thinks he’s good at something but actually isn’t, was immediately recognised as satirical by most readers, who got a bit of a laugh out of it. 

Unfortunately not everyone on the internet possesses the necessary number of brain cells to allow them to identify things like parody, comedy and irony. 

In this case the end result was that someone who The Waterton Chronicle has chosen to call Hamish McFlog thought he’d let everyone know that the story wasn’t true with the go-to comment in these situations. 

“Fake News” he said, very succinctly. 

This reporter had always thought that “fake news” was things like when President Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or when anti-vaxxers claim that everyone who gets vaccinated will get autism.

Apparently satire is now fake news too, if you happen to be an idiot.