Israel Folau Slows Back Down After Overtaking Lane

Witnesses have reported that millionaire Christian evangelist, Instagram user, and former Forrest Gump of Rugby, Israel Folau was spotted this morning heading back from his new Rugby Australia-supplied Byron Bay beachfront mansion in his shiny new Rugby Australia-supplied Lamborghini.

Apparently, despite driving a $500,000 supercar more than capable of sticking somewhere near the 110kmh speed limit, Israel was having trouble doing more than about 80kmh most of the time for some reason. 

“He seemed to be fine on the straight bits, but as soon as he got to anything resembling a corner he slowed down, sometimes to 50 or 60kmh.” said a witness. 

“But then when we got to an overtaking lane and the queue of traffic behind tried to pass, he sped up to what would have easily been 140kmh or more.” the witness explained. 

The witness went on to explain that once the overtaking lane was finished, and with the queue of traffic still safely behind him, Folau slowed back to 80ish. 

“It’s not that surprising really. He does seem like the type of person that does this stuff. Surely there’s a special place in hell for people like this.” said the witness.