Rugby Australia Really Teaches Israel Folau A Lesson By Funding New Lambo And Beach House

With the ongoing drama with Israel Folau apparently coming to an end, the pelicans at Rugby Australia have reportedly cracked out one of the bottles of Lindauer Michael Cheika had been saving for their “guaranteed” World Cup victory and patted themselves on the back for really shoving it to the former Wallaby. 

In what CEO Raelene Castle has dubbed “a real wake up call for Israel”, the aspiring evangelical superstar not only doesn’t have to turn up for any more floggings on the rugby field, the payout he received means he’s now faced with the absolutely terrifying prospect of having to decide whether to go with another Lamborghini for his daily runaround, or mix things up a little and maybe grab a McLaren or something. 

“We hope Israel understands now that saying stupid things on social media gets you absolutely nothing. Well, except for a few million dollars of course.” explained Castle. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that the Folau’s are absolutely reeling from the payout, and were as of this morning struggling to decide whether to snap up a new beach house in Noosa or Byron Bay. 

“Izzie is really struggling to be honest. He just can’t decide whether to stick closer to home and go with Byron Bay, or save a couple of hundred grand and buy in Noosa” said a source close to the family.