Project NZ Host Kanoa Lloyd “Encroached Upon” At Service Station

After being allegedly “objectified” by some guy just trying to sell some firewood at exactly the wrong time of the year last week, Project NZ panelist and apparent royalty has had another run in with the “great unwashed”. 

Just trying to make her way to her cushy social justice platform this morning, Kanoa found herself in the precarious position of having to stop off at one of those wretched service station things to put petrol in her SUV, by herself, in full view of the peasants who aren’t on TV. 

After managing to fill up her car, Kanoa headed inside to pay, which is when the alleged “assault” began. 

“How are you?” said the old guy behind the counter, jovially. 

“Pump 4. Pump 4…” whimpered Kanoa, in a state of pure desperation at this point.  

“No worries. Any of our specials?” said the cashier. 

“Nooooo! Stop encroaching upon me!” Kanoa yelped. 

“No worries” said the cashier. 

And that’s it folks. That’s what happened when Kanoa went to fill up her SUV. What a story. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that Kanoa is currently berating her husband for forcing her to interact with people who aren’t on TV.