Motorsport Fan Swallows A Little Vomit After Being Forced To Watch Formula E

Traumatic scenes in a Waterton home tonight after a motorsport fan with nothing else to watch was subjected to what some are calling motorsport, in the form of a Formula E race. 

Supercars and F1 fan Mike Hunt (54) was struggling to find something to watch on Tuesday night when he stumbled across a replay of the latest alleged “race” in Saudi Arabia. 

“It was horrible, just horrible” he told this reporter. 

“They reckon it’s pure racing but I can’t see how running around in Tesla’s with the roof cut off on glorified go-kart tracks, with Attack Mode pass zones which seem to just make it harder to pass, and fan-voted boosts is anything close to pure racing” he said, in what is surely the most accurate assessment of Formula E ever. 

“It’s just yuck.” he added. 

More to come.