Ferrari To Tone Down End Of Year Party After Copping “Massive” €50,000 Fine

Ferrari’s Formula 1 Team is kind of reeling at least a little bit overnight after having to somehow find a spare €50,000 to pay a fine handed down by old team boss Jean Todt for cheating at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

The Waterton Chronicle has learned that the traditionally extravagant end of season celebrations will have to be toned down a little due to the team being thrown into a “precarious financial position” as a result of the “huge” fine. This reporter understands they may have to make do with just 6000 bottles of Champagne instead of the normal 7000. 

“It will be a struggle for sure, but we’ll hopefully be OK” said the newly poverty-stricken Ferrari Head of Celebrations Mario Lapanini. 

“We might have to go easy on the caviar and canapes for at least the first few hours as well, but we’ll see how it goes.” he added.