Grosjean Crashes Again, For Once It’s Not His Fault

In a shocking twist, DNF expert Romain Grosjean has managed to wreck his car without it actually being his fault for once. 

The incident unfolded during practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today, with perennial carbon-fiber destroyer Grosjean for the first time in his inexplicably long career finding himself the victim rather than the cause of an accident. 

Mercedes bridesmaid Valterri Bottas appeared to be channelling Daniil “The Torpedo” Kvyat as he dive-bombed down the inside of Grosjean in a shower of expensive bits of Haas and Mercedes. 

“I’m not very happy to be honest” said Grosjean. 

“I’m supposed to be the one poleaxing other cars at random. Bottas has obviously decided to copy my strategy. He needs to come up with his own approach.” he explained. 

More to come.