Test Match Underway At Adelaide Oval, Allegedly

Reports are coming in that there is apparently a game of cricket going on between Australia and Pakistan in Adelaide at the moment. 

The news comes as a major surprise to basically everyone except a few locals who appear to have stumbled across the event accidentally while walking past the stadium, and some old guy who found the coverage on Channel 7 while surfing for something to watch that isn’t reality TV. 

Cricket Australia’s Head of Marketing, Bernie the Budgerigar told The Waterton Chronicle he was “unsure what happened” when asked why no one anywhere seems to know anything about the  test match, or in fact the entire Pakistan tour of Australia. 

“Look, we got so used to trying our best to avoid ending up on TV or in the news last season with the whole sandpaper thing, I think maybe we’ve over-corrected a bit, because it seems like if you don’t tell people there’s a game on, they probably won’t watch it” he explained. 

“It’s a learning experience.” added the philosophical bird.