Rugby Australia Comes Up With Winning Strategy To Avoid Any More Scandals

As Israel Folau continues to make a dick of himself, Rugby Australia has today decided the best way to avoid a repeat of the disastrous 2019 campaign is to make sure no one is watching them. 

With Foxtel realising they can get more viewership by broadcasting national Bowls championship games and Premier League Darts, part time Vicar of Dibley and Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle has had to look elsewhere for opportunities to get some kind of TV coverage. 

In what Castle has described as “a great opportunity”, Rugby Australia has come up with the perfect way to stop anyone seeing how useless they are, with a move to Optus. 

“We were pretty impressed with Optus’ live streaming of the Football World Cup.” she said. 

“They made it basically impossible for anyone to see how bad the Socceroos were, because no one could watch the games. So we’re pretty keen to emulate that strategy.” 

Castle went on to say that she hoped the move to Optus in 2021 would reduce the number of people watching to a point where “we can just get on with doing our jobs without all the pesky distractions.”