Channel 7 To Trial “No Actual Racing Between Ad Breaks” Model With TCR Coverage

With Channel 7 snapping up the TV rights to the TCR and S5000 events, fans are bracing themselves for a return to the good old days of free to air motorsport coverage. 

Channel 7 execs and advertisers are frothing at the mouth at the prospect of running ad breaks every 3 minutes right at crucial moments. 

“It’s going to be so great.” said Channel 7 Head of Advertising Maxwell Pennypincher. 

“It’s a return to the glory days when we used to trap people into watching ads just so they could see what had caused the safety car in the first place.” he added, with a bit of a cackle. 

“We’ve already locked in 6000 runs of that 10 year old Shannons ad with old mate going on about his Fords every ad break” he added.