Waiting In Airports Infinitely Better When Random Strangers Mind Their Own Business

Having recently had the pleasure of waiting at an airport gate for the best part of three hours, Waterton resident Trevor can confirm it’s actually not that bad until complete strangers go full detective mode and try to get you to explain your entire life story to them for some reason. 

The latest incident unfolded about half an hour before Trevor’s flight was due to board, when Sherlock Holmes sat down right next to him and immediately decided to ask what he was doing on the computer. 

Given he wasn’t doing anything illegal at the time, and couldn’t think of anything more exciting to say, he simply replied with “writing”. 

Clearly not satisfied that he had enough to pin on Trevor at this stage, Sherlock over here carried on with his line of questioning. 

“Oh yeah, what are you writing?” he enquired, upping the stakes. 

“Just a story” said Trevor.. 

At this point Sherlock clearly became convinced that Trevor was hiding something and went in for the kill. 

“Look mate, I’m just trying to be friendly here. No need to be so short yeah” he said, in a particularly emotional turn of events. 

Luckily the boarding call happened before Sherlock had a chance to cuff Trevor and bring him in further questioning.