Shocking Study Finds Link Between General Stupidity, Satire, And Fake News

The findings of a ten-year study by Waterton University of Technology (WUT) have been released today, and many people are simply shocked at what the controversial study has discovered. 

The study, which was funded by a government research and development grant of “in excess of $28 bllion”, found that compared to before the world embraced cancel culture and general political correctness-ism, the number of what we used to call “idiots” has increased exponentially. 

This exponential increase in what are now termed “people of influence” or “social commentators” has led to a corresponding increase in the number of people whose brains are completely incapable of determining when something is satire, versus when it is actual fake news. 

Vice Chancellor of WUT, Dr Harold E Pennypacker said the study was a “fantastic investment that gives us all an insight into how we need to be more tolerant of people who don’t know things or think as much as we use to”. 

He went on to say that with immediate effect, all forms of satire on campus would be deemed “fake news” and the authors removed from WUT after having their social media trawled for incriminating things.. 

More to come.