Newcastle’s Finest Add Their Own “Individuality” To Barriers Ahead Of Supercars Weekend

A couple of absolute wankers who’ve been running out of ideas to draw attention to themselves for months now have resorted to vandalising the Newcastle 500 street circuit with what they think are hard-hitting slogans ahead of this weekends Supercars event. 

The drama unfolded over the weekend after the vast majority, like, basically everyone, woke up a day closer to the one event of the year that they all look forward to, to discover that the local loud village idiots had once again ruined it for everyone else. 

After coming up with such witty tags as “Super Lame” and “No V8s”, the East End trust fund babies reportedly returned to their beachfront boomer-provided sanctuaries to discuss what a “ghastly” travesty it was that “poor people” will come within a stone’s throw of their homes next weekend. 

“We simply can’t tolerate these savages getting this close to us.” said local resident Clive Sax-Coburg. 

“They don’t belong anywhere near the East End!” he yelped. 

“Mate, the only thing that’s super lame is these wankers in their mansions having a rant about the only thing that happens in Newy all year” said Supercars fan Dazza.