Israel Folau Adds Gay People To Growing List Of Bushfire Culprits

With conservative politicians, Green politicians, Labor politicians, 9-year-old kids, climate change, farmers, arsonists, trees, fire, hot weather, people who buy Bunnings sausages, the patriarchy, lightning and cows already on the list of potential suspects in the case of “Who caused the bushfires?”, some guy that used to throw a ball around has emerged from his cave today to add another potential line of inquiry into the mix. 

Former Wallaby and current social media troll Israel Folau has for some reason decided now is the time to wheel out Bishop Brian Tamaki’s old idea that natural disasters are caused by God being unhappy with gay people. 

Clearly not understanding how terribly it went when Brian tried it, old mate Folau pressed on anyway, possibly in a bid to get enough views on Youtube to make the next instalment on his Lamborghini. 

“Oh yeah the gays definitely did it” he told this reporter. 

“God decided to burn everything to show us the way.” he added. 

When this reporter asked Folau what the logic was behind burning koalas and kangaroos and trees and stuff, he replied “God works in mysterious ways bro. Plus maybe some of the koalas were living in sin? Did you think about that?!” before speeding off in the Lambo.