F1 Fans Insomnia Once Again Cured By Watching F1

An F1 fan who suffers from insomnia is not looking forward to the offseason after his condition was once again completely cured by the Brazilian GP today. 

After initially thinking this particular one might not help him go to sleep, as things actually happened in the first ten minutes of the race, Waterton man Darren McLaren eventually nodded off at about the 25 lap mark. 

His slumber was only briefly broken by the noise of commentator Crofty yelling about the wind increasing from 3kmh to 3.8kmh, which proved to be the only remotely exciting thing to happen until the stewards threw a random safety car in an attempt to wake everyone up at the end, and then again when the two Ferrari’s did their usual “let’s screw this one up for ourselves too” thing.

The carnage that ensued was sadly missed by the snoozing fan.  

Darren told this reporter he’s looking into his treatment options until the 2020 season kicks off in March next year. 

“I tried Antiques Roadshow during the summer break, but it was just a bit too exciting, but at least I’ve still got Abu Dhabi to go” he said.