Waterton Man Opens Dinner Conversation With “Sooo, Work Tomorrow”

For the 400th Sunday in a row, a Waterton man has started dinner-time small-talk with the tried and tested “sooo, work tomorrow…”. 

The incident unfolded after Waterton council planning officer Bruce Dingleberry had earlier contemplated coming up with something new to talk about at dinner, unsuccessfully. 

“I had been trying to think of something more interesting to talk about all day, but nothing came to mind” he explained. 

Unfortunately this week’s effort from Bruce was met the same response as every other attempt. 

“Meh” said wife Daisy. 

“Like, duh” said daughter Sharon.

Apparently son Daniel was too busy on his phone to even notice there were other humans nearby. 

“Oh well. I’ll try again next week.” Bruce thought to himself.