Streets Announce Aussie Quick James Pattinson As Brand Ambassador

While it may have taken Cricket Australia’s attempts to woo Qantas as a major sponsor down a peg or two, the Aussie fast-bowler is making hay while the sun shines with a new Streets ice cream sponsorship deal announced overnight. 

After copping a one match ban for an alleged “homophobic slur” in a match that exactly 25 people (including the players) watched, Pattinson has signed on to represents Streets’ surprisingly not as controversial as you’d think it would be brand “Golden Gaytime”. 

Speaking with a definite air of homophobia and clearly targeting all gay people with his comments to this reporter, Pattinson said he was looking forward to representing the brand. 

“I’m a big fan of nutty coatings to be honest.” he explained. 

“And the vanilla ice cream is the best” in what was clearly a racist slur. 

More to come.