Supercars Finally Finds Something To Penalise Team Penske For Ahead Of Newcastle 500

Just as they were starting to think they might go into a race weekend without copping an arbitrary penalty, Supercars has found what they were looking for. 

It seems that one of the Penske pit crew was spotted buying a Bunnings sausage this morning. 

Which once upon a time before the world broke, would have been completely fine. But not these days. 

Newly appointed Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican said it was “a bad look”. 

“Yeah look, until a few days ago, none of us were really aware that sausages caused the NSW and QLD bushfires” squawked the seabird. 

“But we’ve since been told that even though the fires were deliberately lit, it was actually Bunnings sausages that caused the whole catastrophe. And the actions of that Team Penske employee in buying one of those evil sausages really doesn’t sit well with us” he added. 

“So we’ve decided the only appropriate course of action is to start the two Penske cars from the back of the grid. Oh and we’ll grab another couple of hundred grand off them too, thanks.” 

More to come.