Alleged Comedian Mo’Nique “Struggling To Survive” After Netflix Pays Her Just $500K

Some comedian that no one in The Waterton Chronicle office has ever heard of is apparently claiming that Netflix is racist because they only paid her half a million dollars for her first ever “comedy” special. 

The seriously struggling comedian, who has only had regular acting work since the 1990s, said she was facing the prospect of having to tone down her spending a little bit. 

“I just don’t see why Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock and Amy Schumer earn more than me, said the poverty-stricken actress. 

“Netflix are a bunch of racist, sexist white men!” she ranted. 

When this reporter attempted to point out that maybe it was because those people are a little bit more famous than she is, Ms Nique screeched “bigot!” before disappearing into the sanctity of her Maybach for the arduous trip to yet another banal Hollywood restaurant for dinner.