Woman Whose Biggest Problem Is Her Blind Hairdresser Calls Firies “Wife-Beaters”

A woman with nothing else to get worked up about has decided to use her 15 seconds of fame to show everyone what a dick she is. 

Since her own central city villa isn’t currently threatened by catastrophic bushfires, and therefore she has no need for a bunch of people to turn up and risk their own lives to help her, Sherele Moody decided a press conference about bushfires and the efforts of firefighters was the best possible time to vomit up a completely fabricated story claiming that after spending all day and night fighting fires, firefighters enjoy nothing more than a good old-fashioned punch-on with the missus.

Thankfully the backlash has been swift, with pretty much everyone who isn’t a raging sociopath or a trendy inner-city Green supporter (or both) condemning her comments. 

This reporter attempted to speak to a number of firies for their thoughts, but sadly none were available, apparently because they’re all a bit busy trying to help other people to not die, and maybe save a few houses here and there. 

More to come.