Waterton Man Confident He’ll Reach Savings Goal For Chips And Hotdog At Newcastle 500

A Waterton Supercars fan is quietly confident he’ll save up enough money to buy some chips, and maybe even a hotdog,at next week’s Newcastle 500 event. 

Passionate Nick Percat fan Cory Nicholson (34) told this reporter he wasn’t going to make the same mistake he did at last year’s event, when he was left surviving on ramen noodles and cigarettes for two weeks afterwards after failing to prepare.

“Ohh bro it was pretty rough but” explained Cory. 

“I didn’t even think about it last year, and by Saturday afternoon I’d spent all my money on chips, a hotdog and a couple of Jim Beams”. 

Cory told this reporter that he started saving up about six months ago, and was hopeful of reaching the $4,000 he’ll need if he wants to eat at least once a day over the three-day event. 

“If I skip a hotdog one day maybe I could treat myself to one of those tiny cans of Jim Beam on Sunday arvo to celebrate Scotty copping another penalty” he sniggered.