Suspected Brain Injury Causes Man To Say Friends Is Better Than Seinfeld

A man is tonight in an induced coma in Waterton Central Hospital after some kind of medical event in his brain caused him to suddenly decide that Friends is better than Seinfeld. 

Paramedics were called to a Waterton Meadows home around 4pm today after a man reportedly spent too long watching old Friends blooper clips on Youtube and started messaging his mate saying clearly insane things like “you know what, I reckon Friends is actually pretty funny”. 

Paramedics attempted to treat the man at the scene but his condition deteriorated to the point where he started trying to say that Courtney Cox is a good actor, so he was placed in an induced coma to preserve what remains of his brain. 

A friend of the man who spoke to this reporter at the scene said it was out of character. 

“He’s never liked that show, I don’t know what’s happened. Yesterday he was fine, today he gets sucked down a rabbit hole of stupid Friends videos, yada yada yada, he ends up in a coma. It’s really sad.” he said. 

“Hopefully he’ll get better soon and go back to watching Seinfeld like a normal person” added the good mate.