Waterton Man Reduced To Pure Nausea By Love Island

A Waterton father of two just realised how old he is after being subjected to three minutes of the latest episode of Love Island. 

The drama unfolded just minutes ago when Waterton Lakes dad Trent (41) accidentally gave the TV remote to his missus, a move he would immediately regret. 

“She immediately put on this Love Island crap” he explained. 

“Like, none of them have anything close to normal names” he raged, as Casio asked Cartier what she saw as they gazed out into the pitch black night in the general direction of the ocean. 

When Casio answered Cartier’s question for her, with the intensely ‘let me in your pants’ response of “I only see you”, Trent swallowed a not insignificant amount of vomit that had understandably tried to exit the situation. 

The situation didn’t get any less-vomit-inducing when the producers dished out electronic babies to all the couples to “test their parenting aura”. 

“Nup. I’m done.” said Trent as he tried desperately to resuscitate the thousands of brain cells he’d just lost.