Inner-City Humanities Student Looks Forward To Tweeting About Bringing Down The Patriarchy Ahead Of Tonight’s Q And A Episode

A Waterton Central apartment renter is eagerly awaiting the end of Media Watch tonight in preparation for a twitter onslaught about how all men are bad, in the hope that one or two of her tweets might make it onto the screen. 

Tabitha Purple-Hare (21) is positively frothing at the mouth over tonight’s episode, after last week’s effort was for some reason deemed a bit much by everyone after some random woman suggested it was absolutely fine to kill all men. 

“It’s just another example of straight white men controlling and terrorising women” she told this reporter via Snapchat. 

“My “All Men Are Bad” course lecturer is 100% sure that all men are evil and every single one of them is hell-bent on raping anything and everything in sight” she said, with an alarmingly straight face. 

More to come.