9/10 Opel Drivers Prefer A Cup Of Tea And A Lie Down Over This Supercars Carry On

In a specially commissioned report following the debacle that was the 2019 Sandown 500, The Waterton Chronicle has discovered that pretty much no one who buys a new “Commodore” knows what “Supercars” is. 

Despite their best attempts to link Opel family wagons to Holden Commodores to winning at Supercars, the whole “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” thing seems to have gone out the window, for some reason. And, surprisingly, this time Richie Stanaway is not the reason.

“It’s funny because only a couple of years ago the only reason they were buying Commodores was because they saw Jamie or Shane or Craig winning in one.” said Dan at Waterton Holden. 

“Nowadays none of them even knows what Supercars is.” he added. 

“Just now I sold a ZB ‘Commodore’ to some old guy because he thought it was safe and he was pretty keen on the German engineering”. 

“‘Right there you go laddy, that oughta fix it up’ he said as he handed me a cheque for the full purchase price” explained Dan. 

“He said the excitement of the morning was getting to him, and he’d need a warm cup of tea and a bit of a lie down when he got home, poor old digger” chuckled Dan.