Waterton Cat Unilaterally Decides It’s Time To Wake Up And Face The Day At 3AM

A Waterton food provider is kind of regretting her decision to get a cat, but not really because furbaby, after her little cherub decided sleep is just a social construct and woke up the whole house at 3AM last night. 

After enjoying an almost completely unbroken sleep all day, only taking breaks to eat, Church decided that the entire household needed to join him in celebrating the new day. 

“Meow” he said meekly, while pawing at his food providers chin as she slept. 

With no response, and running out of time with only three hours until sunrise, Church became more “forceful”. 

“Meoowwwwwww!!” he screeched, this time with a claws-out swipe to really let his food provider know who’s boss. 

“The actual” muttered the food provider as she struggled to understand what was going on. 

At time of press Church is reportedly happily sleeping on the couch while his food provider works out how she’s going to survive the day on three hours sleep.