Newcastle NIMBY Takes Inspiration From His “Oppressed” Daughter In Protest Against Supercars Event

A Newcastle surgeon and man-about-town who missed out on Corporate Hospitality tickets for this years Supercars race weekend despite claiming to “know influential people” has completely lost the plot this afternoon, in what appears to be nothing more than a last-ditch effort to tell everyone how hard-done-by he is. 

Despite his social media posts from last years event appearing to show Dr Conrad Clementine-Ford living the dream, downing complimentary canapes and champa’s with a who’s who of the Newcastle elite, the allegedly well-respected proctologist has been extremely vocal about how “ghastly” this years event is, after learning that Supercars were only going to give him and his family free General Admission tickets this year. 

“I refuse to be anywhere near the general riff-raff” he told this reporter. 

“My dear daughter Christabelle told me whenever she feels oppressed she glues herself to whatever happens to be nearby” he added. 

He went on to explain that just last week Christabelle glued herself to the new Tesla he bought her because she felt the colour “didn’t suit her aura”. 

“And anyway, the whole event is a huge risk to the safety of the entire nation” he added. 

“So I decided the only choice left to me was to glue myself to the Armco Barrier outside our palatial beachfront mansion until they either cancel the whole event or give me the tickets I want”. 

Supercars management mostly declined to comment on the situation, adding only that “last year he was a bit of a pelican. He kept going on about how important he is. It was a bit of a buzz-kill to be honest”.