First Dad Clarke Shows Stephen Colbert His Collection Of Dad Cardigans

A gushing Clarke Gayford has recounted to this reporter how proud he was to show off his collection of “Dad cardigans” to Stephen Colbert during the Late Show host’s recent state visit. 

The Woman’s Day-worthy incident unfolded after Jacinda took advantage of her 9.3 second appearance on his show last month to invite Colbert to holiday in New Zealand courtesy of the taxpayer. 

In a masterclass in how to make yourself look as wholesome as possible to foreigners, while simultaneously pissing off the locals, Jacinda and Clarke put on a bit of a backyard BBQ and beers affair for Colbert, with Clarke only too eager to show off his favourite way to cook a freshly caught snapper. 

As the new besties were desperately trying to avoid awkward silences, Colbert reached pretty much the end of the road in terms of small talk. 

“Your cardigan is nice” he told Clarke. 

“Oh chur bro. I’ve got a few of them eh” said Clarke. 

“You wanna see them?” he added, with the tone of a toddler that’s trying to show their mum a crayon drawing they just finished. 

With Jacinda now on BBQ duty, Clarke showed his new mate all the different cardys he’s collected since becoming a dad, explaining the significance of each one. 

“And this one was knitted especially for me by Jacinda’s mum.” he gushed, bringing a tear of happiness to Jacinda’s eye, and a feeling of “aroha” as she listened through the baby monitor to the blossoming bromance.