Alleged Celebrity Kathy Griffin Thinks It’s About Time To Resurface.

Some woman claiming to be a celebrity and, even more ridiculously, a comedian, has apparently decided now is the time to emerge from the cave she’s living in for the last two and a half years to have another misguided crack at President Trump. 

According to The Waterton Chronicle’s Celebrity Correspondent in Los Angeles, Mattias Buzzard-Scrapfeeder, Kathy Griffin has been living in an abandoned fruit bat lair in the Hollywood Hills since she decided for some reason it was a good idea to pretend to go all medieval on a sitting President. 

Buzzard-Scrapfeeder said news of Griffin’s return spread like wildfire around Tinseltown this morning after she was spotted at around 7am wandering aimlessly along Sunset Blvd mumbling something about “Trump bad, Kathy funny. Trump bad, Kathy funny”. 

A local homeless man who was sitting in his usual spot outside a Starbucks at the time said it was “depressing” and “sad”. 

“It’s a real shame. I offered her a few dollars but she just scowled at me, kicked my pet pigeon Paulie and ran off down the street.” he explained. 

Griffin was last spotted hissing at a guy wearing a MAGA hat.

“Bad man. Bad Trump. Kathy funny.” she screeched, before running off. 

More to come.