Welshman Claiming To Be “Rugby Clairvoyant” Heads Back To Farm After World Cup Shocker

A Waterton man is today contemplating what could have been after his rugby tipping escapades went severely tits up over the weekend. 

Adam Pickers, an ex-pat Welshman from a long line of sheep farmers, and former “Rugby Clairvoyant”, had made quite a name for himself in the Pool stage of the tournament with inspired predictions like Wales beating Georgia, and Ireland beating Russia. 

“I was quite proud of those two actually” he said. 

Things really ramped up for Pickers when Australia failed to get any of the Welsh players sent off during their pool match, and therefore handed Wales the victory, just as he had predicted. 

“Everyone was saying the Wallabies would be too good for us. But I knew Australia can only win games if Israel Folau is playing, or if the other team is missing one or two players” he explained. 

Things started to unravel for the budding psychic medium when both his predictions to win the tournament ended up playing each other for the Jacinda Ardern “We Didn’t Win But We’re Still Winners” Trophy for third place. 

“Look, I don’t know what happened.There was a bit of a pollen explosion on the farm that day, and I was feeling a bit sniffly, and I got it wrong”. 

Having separately told one half of his mates that Wales was going to win the final, and the other half that the All Blacks were guaranteed to win, Adam copped a world of abuse on two fronts. 

“Mate, I put a grand on bloody Wales to win because of your vision” said his mate AJ on Facebook.. 

When asked by this reporter what his plans were, now that his time as a rugby guru appears to be over, Adam explained that he would probably just go back to the farm. 

“The sheep are much simpler.” he said, philosophically.