Waterton Tenant Claims Small Victory Over “Capitalism” After Landlord Agrees To Install Aircon

A Waterton renter is tonight cracking out a bottle of Lindauer she’s been saving for a special occasion after her landlord has surprisingly agreed to help her not steam-bake in her apartment over the coming summer. 

Waterton West resident Sarah Tanasoff (31) was until today contemplating another summer sweltering in barely survivable sauna-like conditions when the automated email from her absentee property manager came through. 

“Job Number 12339477 has been approved. A representative from Cheap N Easy Tradies will contact you soon.” it said. 

Naively thinking the battle was over, Sarah immediately took to Facebook to let everyone know about her “glorious victory over capitalism”. 

“If any of you peasants need a slightly more survivable place to sleep this summer, I’m about to turn this place into a fridge yo!” she posted, apparently forgetting that the battle has only just begun. 

“What do you mean tradies are hard to pin down?” she said, when this reporter suggested that it might be difficult to get the aircon guy to actually turn up to install the aircon. 

More to come.