Waterton Man Surprised To Learn “Fortune Teller” He Met On Street Corner Is A Scammer

A Waterton man is today a bit confused as to why anyone would make up a bunch of lies in return for money, after an unfortunate, chance meeting with some random guy on a street corner who claimed to be able to solve all his problems for a few thousand dollars. 

Recent arrival Kashed-Up Konaman told the man (who we’ve chosen to name “Trevor”) that he “sensed negative energy” within him, and that only a payment of $5000 would sort out the issue. 

For some reason the man paid up, and despite a long-winded and clearly completely made up performance from Mr Konaman and his mate, nothing much changed for Trevor, except he was now missing $5,000. 

Now having financial problems, Trevor went back to Mr Konaman and in a miraculous twist of fortune, was told he could solve that problem too. 

“So I went and got out another $5,000, because he had told me he could instantly turn it into $1,000,000 just by “aligning the karmas”. 

At time of press, Trevor surprisingly hasn’t become a millionaire, but Mr Konaman assures him it’s really just a matter of more time, and money.