Lifelong Wallabies Fan Calls It A Day, Becomes Titans Fan

Shocking scenes in a Waterton home tonight as a man who hasn’t seen a decent Wallabies performance for nearly twenty years has finally snapped. 

Anthony Hissey grew up watching the Wallabies when they knew how to do useful things like catch, pass, and kick. 

“Those were the good old days” he said. 

“I remember when the boys knew how to catch, it was a big reason we won games”. 

Anthony told this reporter the positive thing to come out of the complete disaster that is Rugby Australia at the moment is it’s got him used to accepting defeat and moving on with his life. 

“That’s why I’ve decided to switch to supporting the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL next year. If they can lose a game by less than 40 points, we’ll call that a win”.

“And if I’m going to support a team of losers, it may as well be one that has some small chance of getting better” he added. 

More to come.