Aussie Rugby League Team “Pull A Wallabies” Against Tonga

Not willing to put up with Rugby Australia getting all the “omg they’re so woke” publicity any longer, the Australian Rugby League Team has executed what they’re calling a “genius plan” to get more people talking about how woke they are by letting Tonga “have a go”. 

After a social media engagement specialist poached from Rugby Australia (rumoured to be Raelene Castle’s nephew) told them winning games was hurting their perception among millenials, they took a more sensitive, tolerant and gentle approach into yesterday’s game against Tonga, with spectacular results. 

“Letting Tonga feel happy about themselves has really resonated with the inner-city millennial and green/vegan/anti-vaxx demographics. We haven’t seen this number of love heart reacts on a single post in years.” said Raelene’s nephew, Sebastien. 

“Winning all the time was making some of us feel like they were just a bunch of inconsiderate bullies” he added. 

Sebastien went on to explain that the next step in the plan to make the Kangaroos more “sensitive to minority interests” was to ditch the Green and Gold jersey in favour of a more “inclusive” one featuring no logos or words and utilising the “neutral earth tone” beige. 

“We’re also looking at changing the team name to something less offensive to the marsupial community”.