Trump Plays Hide And Seek With Witch Hunters

After labelling his impending impeachment hearing as “the greatest Witch Hunt in History” President Trump has taken the unconventional step of dressing up as a witch for his annual candy grab. 

Like any 6 year old, Trump wasn’t keen to pass up the opportunity of getting some free candy. 

“Candy. Candy. Candy!!” said the leader of the free world before skipping out the front door of the White House in full witchy regalia. 

When this reporter caught up with Trump a few hundred metres down Pennsylvania Avenue he had nothing much to add other than “It’s been a tremendous day, I’ve got a lot of candy, all the candy”.

When pressed on whether he might possibly be the witch everyone is hunting for, he mumbled something about “Nancy is a mean lady” and went on a bit of a rant about how Halloween isn’t what it used to be. 

“People are selfish and nasty these days. Where’s all the candy?!” he hissed.