Supreme Leader Ardern Reveals Halloween Getup

As introverts and people who just want to mind their own business across the country prepare for hordes of complete strangers wearing masks knocking on their door threatening them in return for free stuff tomorrow, our Supreme Leader Jacinda Ardern has revealed her costume choice.

In a refreshingly appropriate turn of events, Jacinda has decided to get in a spot of door-knocking dressed as the scary Gatekeeper guy from the 1992 Atmosfear VHS/board game. 

Political commentator Jebus Sendhelp says it’s an inspired choice given the similarities between Ardern and the fictional creepy guy that scared the bejesus out of 80s kids in their formative years. 

“Firstly, just as the Gatekeeper becomes progressively more dishevelled and erratic as the game goes on, we’ve seen a similar decline over the last couple of years with Jacinda and her so-called ‘government’.” he explained. 

“Secondly, Jacinda loves nothing more than spending an hour or more angrily telling a captive audience what they can and can’t do with their lives.” he added. 

“Thirdly, Jacinda apparently shares the Gatekeeper’s love of making small children and other naive people scream “Yes, Gatekeeper!!” whenever she speaks. 

“And finally, and probably most importantly, like the Atmosfear game itself, it seems fun at first, but quickly becomes tiresome when you realise it’s all just a big act designed to make the Gatekeeper feel important.” said Jebus. 

A spokesperson for our Supreme Leader said she was looking forward to tomorrow, and would be taking the opportunity to inspect people’s houses for “anti-Jacinda propaganda”.