Reverse Intervention Planned For Irish Boozehag Who Said She Might Stop Drinking

An Irish family is scrambling to help one of their own today after she apparently told a friend she was thinking of giving up drinking for a while. 

The drama unfolded on Sunday night after local party girl and aspiring Instagram influenza Siobhan O’Comatose (21) miraculously recovered from yet another monster hangover brought on by once again opting to wash down 27 vodka-tonics with five rounds of tequila shots.

Siobhan woke up in a hedge outside her house around 4pm on Sunday, and somehow managed to resist the urge to get stuck into the leftover Chardonnay in the fridge.

As a result she was feeling pretty good by about 11pm and texted her friend Niamh.

“Not keen for another go tonight. Might give up drinking tbh” she messaged. 

Niamh immediately forwarded the message to Siobhan’s mum.

“I think something’s wrong with Siobhan, please help!” she messaged in a panicked state. 

Once Siobhan’s mum woke from her own coma on Monday afternoon, she immediately organised a family meeting to talk some sense into the wayward child. 

“I mean what next with that silly girl?!” she muttered to herself.