Report: 9 Out Of 10 Melbourne Police Horses Don’t Have An Opinion Either Way On Mining Companies

A quick survey of Police horses present at the Melbourne mining sector protests today reveals the majority don’t really hold a specific view on whether or not mining is bad. 

The result comes as quite a surprise, after the supposedly “peaceful” protestors seemed to take issue with the horses’ uniforms, or maybe the tone of their neighs or something. 

Either way, several of the oblivious equine were spat on and yelled at, apparently simply because they were the only ones in police uniform not hitting back. 

UPDATE: This reporter has learned that the mining sector protest and the hospitality sector protest, which had previously been run as separate screaming matches metres apart have merged to form a combined anti-mining, anti-restaurants protest. Apparently the majority of the anti-mining protesters also have an axe to grind with their cafe-owning employers so it all kind of made sense. 

More to come.