Militant Vegans Superglue Themselves To Understandably Alarmed Flock Of Sheep

A local flock of sheep generally minding their own business has had a rude shock overnight after a group of vegans snuck into their paddock and superglued themselves to the unsuspecting livestock. 

The group, calling themselves Waterton Animal Crisis Cooperation Organisation (WACCO) snuck onto the farm on the outskirts of Waterton at around 3am this morning as the majority of the tasty creatures were asleep. 

Apparently taking inspiration from their climate change activist brothers and sisters, the group thought it was going to be a good idea to glue themselves to the rear ends of the less alert among the flock for some reason. 

Head WACCO Jules Kale-Chip (21) told this reporter the group was planning to “rehome” the animals in the leafy backyards of their parents’ Waterton Mews bungalows.. 

“We want to give these majestic creatures all the love and cuddles they deserve” he gushed. 

When asked if it was really practical to put a typically farm-based animal in a small urban backyard patio setting, Jules added “well, what choice do we have? If mummy or daddy don’t like it they can find somewhere else to host their silly dinner parties”. 

More to come.