Update: Elon Musk Chooses Next Celebrities To Be Launched Out Of The Solar System

Following the news that Elon has offered to launch the entire Kardashian situation out of the solar system in a bid to make them some other galaxy’s problem, he has today announced his next target in what’s now been dubbed ‘Operation: GTFOH’. 

Apparently the next launch will be a bit more complex, due to Elon being unable to decide between launching Jacinda Ardern or Cardi B.

“We couldn’t reach a decision on who to launch so I decided to just make it really simple and launch both of them” he said. 

“In the case of Jacinda, we’re really just sick of the blatant virtue signalling which unsurprisingly amounts to no actual change for anyone. So she can go spin that rubbish somewhere else”

“With Cardi B, I’m just over her substituting actual words for that ‘brrllllll” shit.” he added. 

Apparently there are plans afoot to launch other celebrities at a later date.