Halftime Report NZ v ENG: NZ Journalists Already Digging Up Dirt On All Blacks Coaching Staff

With the All Blacks finally facing a proper opponent for the first time in years, the entire country, and particularly the “journalists”, are full on losing their shit over the very idea that they might get scored against occasionally. 

A Waterton All Blacks fan watching at home told this reporter it’s all over after England snuck a cheeky try in the first minute. 

“It’s fucking over! We lost the World Cup!” he screeched, apparently ignoring the fact rugby is a game of two halves, and 80 minutes. 

Meanwhile the gang of vulturistic sports “journalists” who were yesterday going on about how good the All Blacks are have now unsurprisingly switched sides and are digging like demented moles for dirt on the All Blacks coaching staff. 

This reporter is not afraid to be wrong, and predicts the All Blacks will put at least two converted tries on the poms in the second half.