Joe Rogan Nearly Gets Through Podcast Without Mentioning Psychedelics

A Waterton man was beginning to think something was wrong with Joe Rogan this morning when he nearly got through an entire three-hour podcast without trying to talk his guest into dropping some DMT. 

Damo Dropamolly, a regular listener of Rogan’s podcasts, was enjoying the 27th appearance by Neil de Grasse Tyson while having a cheeky punt on some random Asian horse races when he started to suspect that something wasn’t right. 

At around the two-hour mark, Neil had once again blown Joe’s (and Damo’s) mind with his baritone descriptions of black holes, quarks, and stuff. And Joe told Neil once again how to kill an elk with a bow. 

But Joe’s normal infomercial-style persistent promotion of psychedelics was nowhere to be seen. 

“What the hell is going on?” Damo thought to himself, concerned that Joe pondering the universe for even a few seconds is normally enough to get him ranting about DMT and isolation tanks. 

With the 3 hour mark fast approaching and Damo starting to suspect that Joe might have had a stroke, Joe interrupted Neil’s rant about the moon landing. 

“Have you tried psychedelics?”. 

Order was restored.