Waterton Man Goes Around Saying “How About This Heat?”

As temperatures soar past 30 degrees for the first time in a while, a Waterton father of three has assumed no one else has noticed it’s a bit hot, and decided to go around asking everyone he crosses paths with “How about this heat?”. 

The drama unfolded first thing this morning when Calvin Berning-Foote woke up and checked the weather on his phone. Feeling like everyone in the house needed to know this vital information in the age of climate change emergencies, he immediately called a family meeting over breakfast to point out to them it was going to be warmer than yesterday. 

“Kids, it’s going to be hotter than you can imagine today” he said. 

Later in the morning, on the train to work, he couldn’t help but strike up a conversation with the random woman squashed in next to him. 

“How about this heat?” he said. The random woman just kind of nodded and went back to staring longingly out the window, pondering if being squashed up against random strangers at 7am on a Thursday is really what life is all about. 

Once he got to work, Calvin didn’t hesitate to announce to everyone in the office that it’s going to be hot today. 

“This climate change thing is really ramping up” he said, apparently forgetting that the planet has seasons, and one of them is summer.