Cat Welcomes New Lounge Suite With The “Scratchy Test”

A Waterton cat is in the bad books with it’s food providers tonight after deciding to test out the new lounge suite with a solid evenings worth of determined scratching. 

Not keen on maintaining the brand new look and feel of the lounge suite, as soon as the delivery guys had left, Mr Squiggles immediately set about making his mark. 

Initially he had no issue with feverishly attempting to scratch his way through the two-seater in full view of everyone, until Tiffany noticed what was going on and chucked him outside for some time out.

“You stay there and think about what you’ve done, naughty cat! Naughty cat!” she screeched as she biffed him outside. 

After about 2 minutes of desperate meowing (equivalent to about half an hour in cat time), Mr Squiggles was let back inside. 

“I’ll teach them.” he thought to himself. When both food providers headed off to bed for the night, he seized the opportunity to have a go at the 3-seater, achieving the desired result within minutes. Having made his point, Mr Squiggles settled down in his newly created nest of fluffy stuffing and nodded off to sleep.

More to come.