Cheika Calls Raelene Castle Names After She Unfriends Him On Facebook

Not content with just not having a huge whinge for once, former Wallabies “powerhouse coach” Michael Cheika has apparently had another massive crack at Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle and Dawn French at the same time.

The fracas apparently started at a fancy soiree held by World Cup officials, according to Cheika, to mock Australia for losing to Wales earlier in the week. Witnesses report that Cheika initially packed a tanty about not wanting to go. When he did eventually turn up he spent the entire evening in a dark corner sulking over how mean everyone is, and checking out coaching jobs, or any jobs really, on Seek.

Apparently Cheika then decided to have a bit of a stalk through Raelene’s Facebook profile for some reason. Upon discovering that he had been unfriended he did what any normal person does when they’re already in the bad books at work, and had a massive crack at his boss Raelene on social media. 

“Unfriended by the Vicar of Dibley, wtf lol” he posted, in a real showing of maturity and composure.